Last night present was: Jeanti, Terry, Peter, Alex, Margot, Betina (welcome back) Patsy, Melissa (hullo and welcome) and Val. We sang a bunch of tunes from the set and worked on 2 new tunes; Terry’s suggestion of ’60 seconds’ and Peter’s suggestion of Man Of Mystery.

Alex would like to do a blues tune and also pulled out a few tunes from the Australia day Big Breakfast book. The music for Paul Kelly’s ‘One For The Ages’ was taken along, though we didn’t run it as Al was absent. We are working towards our performance at The Bleach Festival on Sunday 23 March.

Back to The Fretboard

Well, you and I both know I haven’t left it alone for one day, though this is a quick announcement: Bangalow began last week, Wed 22 back in the church on Market Street, though is not on this week.

Mullumbimby is back tonight Monday 27th January from 7-9:00pm

Ocean Shores return has been delayed due to Stu furthering his education for 5 weeks. Stay Tuned. Oh yeah… also:

The 26th Annual BREAKFAST IN THE PARK was held in Banner Park, Brunswick Heads (in the Housie Tent) on Australia Day SUNDAY 26TH JANUARY 2014.

It was a wonderful spirited morning with The combined Service Clubs (Rotary Lions and Quota) of the Brunswick Valley served a delicious BBQ Breakfast with bottomless cups of coffee and tea for just $4.00 per person from 7.30 am until 9.00am.

Live entertainment was a huge bawdy sing-a-long with Stukulele & Miss Amber and The Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra with guest Dorothy Johnston + MC UNICE (YOU)

Looking forward to a great uke-ified 2014.

Christmas Break

Stu is in need of a little holiday, so there will be a break from all activity over the Christmas period. Bangalow has two weeks to go; Wed 4 and 11 of Dec then will resume Wed 29 Jan. Ocean Shores and Mullumbimby will resume Mon 27 Jan. Ocean Shores is on break now and Mullumbimby’s last meeting is Monday 16 Dec. Thanks for your support in 2013!
If in doubt please check the calender here.

Mullum Music Festival 2013

For our second Mullum Music Festival, The Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra performed a 45 minute set at the Civic Hall at 1:15 on the Saturday 23rd November with special guests The Mana Aloha Hula Dancers + Miss Amber and Parissa Bouass (who did an amazing job of learning two Hawaiian Songs – ‘Green Rose Hula’ and ‘Puamana’.) The set was received well by the crowd of 60 – 70 or so folk who braved the heat inside the hall. The civic hall is a tough gig in that it is acoustically quite hard to pull a good sound, (though by all reports Adam Biggs did a great job). The Dance Troupe overcame some internal friction and performed 4 lovely hulas to the delight of the audience.

Thanks to all for your efforts including all members of the Bangalow Chapter; Bettina, Terry, Peter, Alex, Alan, Jeanti, Patsy and Val. Thanks to guest musicians, Dave Sanders on Drums and none other than Azo Bell on Lap Steel with and a special mention for Rod Coe on Double Bass who also showed up for the first Pop Up Spot on Friday Night.

If anyone has photos etc. We’d love to see them. Contact us here

16.10.13 Mullum Music Festival

Tonight we played the tunes most likely to appear on the set list for the Mullum Music Festival. Though we didn’t get to ‘Heart Shaped Tattoo’ or ‘Apache’. All will be revealed very soon. Condolences to our lovely Bettina who has lost two loved ones so close together. It’s testament to what a strong and wonderful person she is that she turned up tonight as gave as she always does. We love you. We all have stuff going on in our lives and I hope our get togethers offer some respite when times get tough. Thinking of you too Al… all of us. We are the NRUO!!! Together forever… (unless we win the lotto, then we need to talk).


Tonight we ran some of the old set numbers to warm up, then re-visited the hula numbers for the Mullum Music Festival that we began last week. The method for learning the songs now is no charts to begin with. It helps one be more present in the music I believe. After a few runs through, the charts are handed out. I do hope you will not rely on them, as we are doing 3 flash mob performances at the festival and lugging music stands around would a pain and it interferes with interaction.

We started work on the final of the 4 Hula tunes, ‘Lovely Hula Hands’ and had a crack at a few ditties in the last 15 minutes including ‘Paper Moon’. I am always conscious of keeping a healthy balance between focused practice and having a bit of fun. I do hope I get it right. Please speak up if your needs are not being met.

Thanks for your hard work. Sincerely Stu.

NRUO 28.08.13

Tonight was about consolidating the performance tunes for Spruke. Twas a great night of focus and fun. We made a few arrangement decisions and I believe we are in pretty good shape. Apart from the first recording of the somewhat controversial Butterfly Tree… This is my proposed running order for the performance. Please do comment. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and dedication. Take care Al in this very tumultuous time. Looking forward to the big jam at Terry’s on Saturday September 14. (orchestra only). Many Thanks, STU