Ocean Shores Week Four

Present were regulars Gisella, Margrette, Pamela, and 3 first timers; Rae, Cathy and our first male ukester, Jeff. The 3 regulars spent some time outside practising the new Hawaiian triplet strums as the newbies went through some basics. By the end of the session we were all playing Jamaica Farewell together quite confidentially. Well done all, thanks to the regulars for your patience as the newbies learned. Looking forward to regrouping in the new year and really getting in to the swing first week in Feb. Thanks for all your efforts and attendance so far and… Merry Christmas!!!

Below is a version of Lovely Hula Hands to play along with.

Ocean Shores Week Three

On the third week of the Ocean Shores uke orchestra experiment we had present, Ann, Gisella, Margrette, Janette, and Faye. We played the tunes we have been practising… You Are My Sunshine, Jamaica Farewell… then looked at the MMF Parade tunes. We also, in passing mucked around with some of the Hawaiian tunes that the Bangalow chapter have been rehearsing. It was soon revealed that Gisella and Margrette were keen. There we have it. Till next week

Ocean Shores Week Two

Present today were: Pamela, Denise, Marette, Gisela, Faye, Ann, Janette and Linda. We recapped last weeks session and recorded a version of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ with melody and harmony parts. Then looked at ‘Jackson’which sounded pretty good from the get go. We also learned about the chuck stroke or the mute stroke. We agreed to meet each Monday in November then have a break to resume perhaps Mid January or Feb. Well done everyone. Starting to take shape nicely.

I would like to mention that the time we have together is limited each week, and to make the most of it, try to refrain from social chatting till after the session is finished. I guess we could add 5 minutes so we could have a half time and get it out of our system. Please make time to practice … even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Great things can come from a little bit of concentrated effort.

Ocean Shores Chapter Begins

Today was the first meeting of the Ocean Shores chapter of the Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra. Thanks for showing up today (from left to right): Pamela, Denise, Ann, Belle, Gisela, Faye and Janette.

Download the sheet music in the sidebar to the right. The pace was for beginners and we were rolling along nicely towards the end of the session. There will be some practice required so I have made some clips for you.

Here’s the C major scale:

Here’s one for You Are My Sunshine: